December 6, 2010


First of all, let me say I had a really really really hard time not titling this "Snot Blocking".  So now you know.  Whew!  It's out.  I feel better.

Ok, so blocking....
The aforementioned scarf is finished.  I finished it really quickly and have blocked it.  Since most of you aren't knitters, I thought I might explain the process.  Because I know you're all curious.

Blocking is how you make your knitting look the way you want it to.  (Because just layering loop after loop after loop of thread-like yarn with a set of toothpick-sized needles isn't enough)  Knit lace (you know it's lace if it has lots of big holes intentionally put in it) generally comes off the needles much smaller than the finished product.  Blocking it stretches it out and makes it bigger, but it also makes the pattern show up better.  

Scarf: before

So, how do we block???  There are lots of ways to block depending on type of yarn, type of garment, type of fabric, etc.  Basically, you get your knitting wet.  Stretch it out in the shape you want it and pin the sucker down.  Let dry.  That's it.

Simple right?  URGH!!!!!  I hate this stupid thing!!  It's done.   It's fine.  But it would NOT cooperate and let me pin it right where I wanted it.  Points where I didn't want points.  Not as long as it needed to be.  Then crooked.  GRRRRR!  I finally gave up, called it good enough and let it be.  And now it's done.  


I photoshopped a big shadow and all of my freckles out of this photo.  I'm pretty proud of myself.  hehehehe


  1. I am really glad you wrote this because when you mentioned blocking last time I was going to ask what that was. Also, I think talking about the scarf's good points would probably be a better selling point then how much you hate it. ;P

  2. It probably would, but I have to be honest! :)