February 18, 2012

Merry Christmas, Dad!

My dad is a runner.  And he races a lot.  As those of you who also torture yourselves in this manner know, you end up with a lot of race bibs.  Bibs are those paper numbers runners have pinned to their shirts.  I saw a nifty holder for these things on Pinterest (where else?), but as usual, I had to tweak it.  Just a little...

I started with a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby.  They're in the unfinished wood aisle.  I think it was $2.  Then, I painted it.  Sanded it.  Painted it some more.  Scuffed it.  Listen to my kids shriek "MOM!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING???".  heeheehee.  It was fun.  And I stenciled the word RACES at the top.

The biggest and bestest change from the original (hey, why is bestest underlined in red?  There it is again.  That's totally a word.) was the use of paper clamps.  I put two screws in a few inches apart, then I hung the paper clamps on there.  This way he can clip any number on no matter the size or hole placement.  And he doesn't have poke holes in the bibs either.  

Maybe if we're really nice he'll let us know if it works.  Hey Dad......

February 15, 2012

It's like a sickness.... {Coffee Filter Art}

Coffee filter crafts are not the sickness, it's just a symptom of a much larger disorder.  You know how expectant moms nest frantically before the baby comes?  (All of you who know me in real life can relax and clean the beverage you just spit out off the computer screen.  I am NOT expecting....)  So, nesting....crazy, frantic "Oh-my-goodness-I'm-never-going-to-get this grout-clean-and-I-can't-raise-a-baby-like-this!" nesting.....That's kind of how my brain has been functioning for the last couple of weeks, but it relates more to crafting.  

I'm antsy.  I want to craft.  But I can't make up my stinking mind about what to do!  I want to knit.  Can't decide on a pattern.  I want to paint.  Can't decide what to do.  I try loom knitting.  It really really hurts my thumb!  I guess it's like being on steroids and having ADD at the same time.  I have managed to sew a curtain, four throw pillow covers (although I could swear I made five), and a skirt (for The Big One.  It isn't finished.).  And I don't even like to sew.  

Coffee Filter Art for my kitchen seemed to fit the bill.  I had a ton of filters and a blank wall.  Plus, it was a weekend afternoon during rest time.  What else am I going to do?  Nap???  

Here's my take on the trend....

1.  Find some cardboard and cut it to the size you want your finished project to be.  I duct taped the edges to hold the front and back of the box together.  It adds stability and covers up the cardboard too.

2.  Glue a hanger on the back.  This is an actual picture hanger that I found in the deep dark depths of the junk drawer.  If I had a pop top tab I would have used that.  I just hot glued it on.  It's cardboard and coffee filters, hot glue should hold, right?

3.  Fold a ton of filters.  The Little One helped with this part.  She did great!

I told her to fold it like a taco.  Then, fold it like a pizza.

4.  And we glue........

...and glue.

I ended up doing mine in vertical columns.  I didn't really want it to be that symmetrical, but what are you going to do?  YOU should do random patterns.  (You're welcome, Sarah T.!)

And there you go.  Cheap and cheerful artwork for the kitchen.  Not to mention a temporary fix for this craft-inducing-insanity thing I've got going on.  Anyone know how long this lasts??  

February 12, 2012

Are You Smarter ..... Than Your Scissors?? Than Paper??

**Now taking suggestions for a title to this post!!**

Somewhere on the internet (99% chance it was on Pinterest) I saw a tip about cutting paper.  You know when you (and by you I mean ME!) sit down to trace and cut out a dozen or so hearts?  And you wish you could cut them all out at one time?  And you try it even though you know the paper is going to slide around and you'll end up with two good hearts and a stack of heart disease and you'll have to start all over??

So, the Pinteresting tip was this:  STAPLE IT!  Trace your shape, staple a stack together, and cut 'em out.

IT WORKS!!!  HALLELUJAH!!  Want proof?  I took pictures.  Just for you.  ;)





That stack is three sheets of construction paper.  I wonder how many will work...  hmmm......

February 8, 2012

We Represent The Lollipop Guild....

  You know those people you run across that you just know you'll keep?  Anne called them kindred spirits.  We have one of those.  My girls adore her.  She adores my girls.  And I adore the whole situation!  Almost every time my kids see her, she gives them a Dum-Dum.  (They love her even when there are no suckers!)  I decided that she needs a Dum-Dum tree.  This a super quick and highly affordable crafty gift.  Perfect for people who like to sugar up kids and send them home.  (Happy Grandparents Day!)

Supplies:  Flower pot, Floral Foam, Glue (I used Gorilla Glue), Suckers, a knife, a marker

First, put the foam in the flower pot and check the size.  I wanted mine shorter so I marked line on the top to cut off.  

Floral foam is really easy to cut.  I used a paring knife with no trouble.

Put your glue on the bottom.....

...and shove it into place.  You have to give it a good push to get it all the way down to the bottom of the pot.

Now, the fun part:  decorating the tree!  I started at the bottom and only pushed the suckers in far enough to have the head of the sucker stick over the gap between the pot and the foam.  I worked my way up.  When I make another one, I will start at the top and go down with the sucker sticks put in at an angle to avoid them bumping in to each other.  I think I might be able to fit more in that way too.

Run out of suckers after bedtime and have a lollipop tree with male pattern baldness.  :(  So sad!  I had two bags of suckers that should have equaled sixty four pieces of candy.  Subtract as many as three little girls can pilfer without mom knowing it and you'll still need at least one more bag.  If I were doing this again with these suckers, I would buy four bags.  


Finally done.  Isn't it cute!  I love it.
Ok, so.......I ran out of suckers and thought I would need one more bag.  I ended up needing three more bags.  I also took the thing apart and put the suckers in from the top down.  It works much better.  And, yes, more will fit that way.  Not a *plus* when you're likely to miscalculate the amount of candy you'll need, but it sure is cute!

February 7, 2012

What?!?!!??????? What the?!? WHAT??????????

My mouth is agape!  An old duct tape post has over 300 views.  WHAT??!?!?!?!?  Under The Table and Dreaming featured the project on their Saturday Inspiration and Ideas.  Cool!!!  I had no idea.  I'm belatedly excited.  Even cooler?  I've wandered around her blog a lot and often.  Great crafty ideas.  And you should see the craft room over there!  It's wow.  Thanks, Stephanie Lynn!!


January 23, 2012

Are you smarter than your laundry detergent?

"I'm smarter than that" is featuring laundry detergent today.  I'm sure you have heard of this trick, but if you haven't yet tried it I want to assure you it really works!  

When you get down to the end of a bottle of liquid detergent cut the handle and drain out the dregs.  Just slice through it (carefully of course).  I use a steak knife.

Look how much was still in there!  (Note:  This cup was from two bottles of leftovers.)  Even from just one bottle, it's enough for one more load of laundry.

Bonus smarty pants tip:  KEEP THE LID!!  You might want to measure out your detergent .  Especially if you drain out A LOT of leftover soap.

January 21, 2012

How Cute Is This?

It's a 0-3 month size Shell Stitch Beanie done in white with a bright red flower.  (The picture doesn't do it justice at all.  I tell myself not to use Photo Booth anymore.....every single time I use Photo Booth!)

I think it's just adorable!  This pattern is one of my favorites.  It is well written and really easy to follow.  I learned to crochet because I wanted to make this hat.  If you want to, you can do it!  She even has a new video tutorial to help.  Who wants to make a beanie with me?!?