February 15, 2012

It's like a sickness.... {Coffee Filter Art}

Coffee filter crafts are not the sickness, it's just a symptom of a much larger disorder.  You know how expectant moms nest frantically before the baby comes?  (All of you who know me in real life can relax and clean the beverage you just spit out off the computer screen.  I am NOT expecting....)  So, nesting....crazy, frantic "Oh-my-goodness-I'm-never-going-to-get this grout-clean-and-I-can't-raise-a-baby-like-this!" nesting.....That's kind of how my brain has been functioning for the last couple of weeks, but it relates more to crafting.  

I'm antsy.  I want to craft.  But I can't make up my stinking mind about what to do!  I want to knit.  Can't decide on a pattern.  I want to paint.  Can't decide what to do.  I try loom knitting.  It really really hurts my thumb!  I guess it's like being on steroids and having ADD at the same time.  I have managed to sew a curtain, four throw pillow covers (although I could swear I made five), and a skirt (for The Big One.  It isn't finished.).  And I don't even like to sew.  

Coffee Filter Art for my kitchen seemed to fit the bill.  I had a ton of filters and a blank wall.  Plus, it was a weekend afternoon during rest time.  What else am I going to do?  Nap???  

Here's my take on the trend....

1.  Find some cardboard and cut it to the size you want your finished project to be.  I duct taped the edges to hold the front and back of the box together.  It adds stability and covers up the cardboard too.

2.  Glue a hanger on the back.  This is an actual picture hanger that I found in the deep dark depths of the junk drawer.  If I had a pop top tab I would have used that.  I just hot glued it on.  It's cardboard and coffee filters, hot glue should hold, right?

3.  Fold a ton of filters.  The Little One helped with this part.  She did great!

I told her to fold it like a taco.  Then, fold it like a pizza.

4.  And we glue........

...and glue.

I ended up doing mine in vertical columns.  I didn't really want it to be that symmetrical, but what are you going to do?  YOU should do random patterns.  (You're welcome, Sarah T.!)

And there you go.  Cheap and cheerful artwork for the kitchen.  Not to mention a temporary fix for this craft-inducing-insanity thing I've got going on.  Anyone know how long this lasts??  


  1. ok, so I need to see the finished product on your wall. I can't entirely picture what it is supposed to look like. Does the tape get covered up? Do people ever add color/dye to the filters?

  2. I know. I thought I should include the final product,but I don't love it. Yes, I glued more onto the tape to cover it up. And I suppose you could color the filters. If you color with marker and spray with water the colors run. I wonder if you could do that after gluing. I know you could color a bunch and glue them after they dry.