February 18, 2012

Merry Christmas, Dad!

My dad is a runner.  And he races a lot.  As those of you who also torture yourselves in this manner know, you end up with a lot of race bibs.  Bibs are those paper numbers runners have pinned to their shirts.  I saw a nifty holder for these things on Pinterest (where else?), but as usual, I had to tweak it.  Just a little...

I started with a wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby.  They're in the unfinished wood aisle.  I think it was $2.  Then, I painted it.  Sanded it.  Painted it some more.  Scuffed it.  Listen to my kids shriek "MOM!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING???".  heeheehee.  It was fun.  And I stenciled the word RACES at the top.

The biggest and bestest change from the original (hey, why is bestest underlined in red?  There it is again.  That's totally a word.) was the use of paper clamps.  I put two screws in a few inches apart, then I hung the paper clamps on there.  This way he can clip any number on no matter the size or hole placement.  And he doesn't have poke holes in the bibs either.  

Maybe if we're really nice he'll let us know if it works.  Hey Dad......

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