June 19, 2011

Off To College We Go

The Big One and The Medium One were playing nicely earlier tonight.  Finally!  They were playing quietly.  No one was screeching.  No one was crying.  No hitting.  No running.  No jumping.  No climbing.  No throwing.  No tattling.  No breaking.  No fighting.  No kung fu-ing.  Just playing.

And then I clued in as to what they were playing.  They were playing "Going to college" in their best let's-pretend mode.  The Big One was going to college.  The Medium One was the mom.

Big One: (most exasperatedly) "Mom, get out of my room!  Go home already!"
Medium One:  (equally exasperated) "But I wanted to stay here and live with you!"

You know, for make believe by two little kids who really don't have much of a clue about college, they were pretty much right on the money.  I want my girls to grow up, leave home, be confident, try new things and even go to college.  But I don't really want them to have to do it all by themselves.  They're just little girls after all.  Even when they're big girls they'll still be little girls.  

So, in about 13 years or so, when you're dropping your genius, well-adjusted children off at their brand new dorm, and you hear a mom screaming "BUT I WANTED TO STAY HERE AND LIVE WITH YOU" while wailing and clinging to the door frame as a tall fellow tries to carry her to the car, don't be alarmed.  It's just me.  I probably won't end up living in your kids' dorm.  Probably.


  1. promises, promises. :) Kendrick has a book a literally hate because of the title, "Where is Mom now that I need her?" WHAT???? NOW, that you need her? You always need her. I refuse to pick up the book at all.