January 2, 2012

I'm Smarter Than That.

I have decided to start a new series on the blog entitled "I'm smarter than that.".  It might only last for two posts, but we'll see.  :)  Before Christmas, I had a moment where I realized "Well now, DUH!  I'm smarter than this." so I thought I would share.

Are you smarter than your kid's stickers?

The week before Christmas we gave our class of two year olds stickers to use for a project.  Kids love stickers plus they're really good for fine motor development.  They each had a full sheet of fairly large stickers to use.  Exciting and fun, right?!  For the first five minutes my co-teacher and I ran around like maniacs trying to help a dozen toddlers pull their stickers from the page.  They couldn't get them started.  Some could start them, but would tear the sticker and get mad.  That's when it hit me:  "I'm smarter than this!".

Sticker Tip For Toddlers:  Pull the backing off from around the whole page of stickers.  Then, they only have to deal with pulling the sticker off, not with separating it from the backing as well.  (Sorry, I don't have any pictures for you!)

We spent a glorious five minutes telling the kids "Just a minute.  Just a minute.  Just a minute." as we fixed all 12 pages.  Whew!!  That's better.

What about you?  Any sticker tips??

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