January 18, 2012

The Pancake Writer

First, a confession:  I don't love pancakes.  Never have.  When I was a kid, I wouldn't touch them.  My brother helped make them and eat them every chance he got.  Micah, you're welcome!  I hope enjoyed all the extra pancakes.

But everyone else in my world loves them.  And my kids will eat them.  So I make them a lot.  We saw a man on a TV show making sculptures and pretty pictures out of pancake batter.  It looked like fun.  And you know what?  It Is!!  I still don't love eating the things, but making them is now an act of creativity!


Make sure you get all the lumps out even if the box (that's right, I use the box!) says it will be lumpy.  You don't want a clogged nozzle.

Consider adding extra water/milk to your mixture to make it thinner.  It's easier to squeeze.

Add food coloring for colored pancake pictures.

You can make your own pen by cutting a wider tip on a regular condiment squeeze bottle!!

Fancy pancakes for everyone!  (except me please)

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