December 16, 2010

For the love of Ravelry

I realize that many of you (is anyone actually reading this??) aren't "fiber artists".  (And I use that term loosely, by the way.  It's simply more concise than "knitters or crocheters".  Plus, I don't think 'crocheter' is actually a word.)  But I thought I should point those of you that are or may become knitters or crocheters (happy?) to an infinitely helpful resource:  RAVELRY.

Surely you know about Ravelry, right??  Just in case you don't...consider this a public service.  Ravelry is a site for fiber artists of all types to convene.  There are patterns for everything you could ever want to make.  Free patterns.  Patterns for sale.  And a wonderful pattern browser that makes it easy to find just what you're looking to knit (or crochet).  You can see what others have done with a particular pattern and you can see what types of yarns work with which types of patterns.

Best of all, there are forums. And in these forums are a million others who share my enthusiasm for these crafts.  And better than that, there are others in those forums who know the answers to all my knitting questions.

Remember my awesome birthday present??

Well, these ladies are jealous, they want it or they want to be adopted by my mother!!  They are a wealth of information on how to work with this teeny tiny fuzzy little yarn.  Proof?  Here's the help!  It's a link to the forum discussion on how to use this yarn without screwing it up.  40 responses and growing.  Who knew?!  Seriously, they know everything.  Even that putting the garment in the freezer before frogging makes it easier.  (Frogging:  when you screw up your knitting you have to pull out what you've made all the way back to the mistake.  You rip out your stitches.  Rip it.  Rip it.  Rip it...Get it?)

 Oh, and I've learned that once you knit with this stuff it's like crack.  You just want more.

Thanks, Ravelers!!


  1. oh, and I clicked on the link but I have to join to see anything on it. :(

  2. Ravelry is like there. People often refer to patterns with the link, but you have to log in. It annoys me. But there's the info just the same. And I'm glad you're here ! :)

  3. I'm a knitter! I'm still trying to finish Myla's winter hat...geez. But I love Debbie Bliss yarns the best and can never afford them. That's why birthday presents are so great.

  4. Dawn, I KNEW THAT! I totally forgot. What hat are you making Myla? I like to make things for my kids too, but then they leave them on the floor and tromp all over them. I hate to see that!