December 18, 2010

Sugar Rush

  A friend posted this link on her facebook page the other day.  Chocolate dipped marshmallows!  Now, in my day I've dipped a lot of things in chocolate.  Why didn't I ever think to try marshmallows?!?!?  My sister-in-law and I had quite the discussion about Christmas this year (more on that later) and decided that our husbands are getting treats.  So this is for Uncle Gary.  (SSShh!  Don't tell him)
I thought it would be fun for the kids to do, but quite honestly I didn't let them touch it.  I did let them design their own.  And once it was dipped and cooling they went off to play.  Important note:  dip your kids' marshmallows first and they'll leave you in peace to do the rest.  (My kids are little though.  2nd, 3rd, 4th graders....they could handle it)

  For our marshmallows, we had a lot of options to choose from.  First, I bought chocolate flavored and strawberry flavored marshmallows.  My kids love the strawberry ones (I think in part just because they're pink) and they told me the chocolate ones were good.  I really had my doubts.  I doubted even after The Middle One danced around the kitchen declaring the chocolate ones "deeeee-licious!".  But I tried one after they went to bed.  Oh My Goodness!  They are GOOD!!!!!  (No picture of the marshmallows because I didn't think to grab the camera until after they were all dipped)
  Next option:  peanut butter, Nutella or just plain.  I spread just a little on the side or top of the marshmallow.  When I dipped those, the spread got into the white chocolate a bit.  So if you have issues with mixing your mediums you might want to skip that part.

  Now for toppings....This part was fun.  I got to beat stuff up.  I crunched up pretzels, cereal, peppermints and peanuts for the topping options.  You could also use graham crackers, but I'm out.  I also thought of either chopping or shaving chocolate chips to decorate the white chocolate marshmallows.  And I have sprinkles and hot pink sugar, but that just seemed like overkill so I didn't get them out.  Plus, I'm not sure how keen Uncle Gary is on hot pink food.  Really, the options here are limitless!  (Would someone with more restraint than me please try this with bacon on top??  Seriously!  That would be good!!  But I'd eat the bacon before I could manage to make the marshmallows.)  I'm most eager to try the chocolate marshmallow with nutella on it and peanuts on top.  Yum!

  And here you go....  I did the main coating in white chocolate, then after that was dry I did a coating of dark chocolate on some.  I tried putting the lollipop sticks in and dipping that way to make a marshmallow sucker, but I found I liked the look better when I dipped the end and stood it on its other end to dry.

  Doesn't it almost make you go into sugar shock just looking at all that?!?

Want to make a really REALLY great gift?  Homemade Marshmallows

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