December 30, 2010

Pretty Mittens

For my birthday, my husband got me a pattern I've been wanting.

Aren't they pretty??  (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to paste the picture.  Don't worry.  I'll figure this blogging thing out eventually.)

They're knit with worsted weight yarn (that's normal yarn, y'all).  And size 1 needles.  (That's toothpicks, y'all!!)  It's really really really TIGHT!  I picked simple cotton yarn because it's cheap. And if I mess up it's no big deal.  I chose a wine color for the main color and a white for the contrast.  These are going to be beautiful....if I can get past row five.  

1/3 of the way done with row five.  Remember I said it was tight?  Well, I'm supposed to k2tog amongst other things on this row.  That means knit 2 together.  As in, knit like normal, but go through two stitches.  As in, knit like normal, but go through TWO REALLY TIGHT STITCHES!  I've thought of just knitting it.  Or purling it to  make a little ridge.  But the point of this row is to make a cute little edge.  And whatever I decide to do here I have to do on the other mitten as well.  Easy way?  Pretty way??  Ah, decisions, decisions....  I'll admit, I even tried to use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through the two stitches.  And that just felt so wrong.  Then, I remembered...There are no knitting police.  Whew!

And just for reference, here's a size 1 needle next to a Tinker Bell Silly Band.  Foreign?  That's 2.25mm to you.  

Ok, I'm going back to knitting and doing it the pretty way.  This one row may take all night.  Check in tomorrow to see if I made it.


  1. Oooh these are so pretty! Love the pattern.

  2. Wow, those are really pretty! Luckily my hands aren't too big so it shouldn't take you to long to make them. ;) I am glad you are attempting the pretty way but I can see why it would be really hard. I can't imagine how you will do all the intricate design part of it. Can't wait to see how they come out!

  3. I lived through that row. These are going to be way too big though. The cuff is 4 inches across just laying flat. I have a six inch hand. Not a good combination. I'm going to finish this one just because I've never done two-color knitting before. But I'll probably rip it out and make something else out of the yarn. I'm sad about that. And I keep hoping they'll magically shrink once I''m done!!! haha. Yeah, that'll happen.