December 31, 2010

What doesn't kill you....

Just makes you mad.  

Just kidding.  I lived through the k2tog's.  See....

You can tell the k2tog's are there because that's what caused all those holes on the bottom.  I also managed to make my first ever knitted pictures!  It's kind of fun!  I'd be even more excited if I thought these would come anywhere close to fitting my hand.  Anyone know a one-handed giant?  Specifically, a right handed, one-handed giant??

This is where I have to educate you (skip it if you just don't care).

In knitting there is something called 'gauge'.  Patterns have a gauge on them that tells you how many stitches and/or rows to the inch the creator got to make the intended garment.  The gauge on the mittens I'm trying to make is 29sts (sorry.  That's 'stitches') over 4 inches.  And the smallest size mitten listed is still larger than I need.  I get 27 stitches over 4 inches.  And if I knit any tighter (to get more stitches crammed in there) I'll break a needle.  If your gauge is off you'll get a garment larger or smaller than what the pattern states.  Sometimes that will work in your favor.  Sometimes, it does not. do you know what your gauge is?  You have to knit a swatch.  That's right.  Sit down with intended yarn and needles and knit up a square to see what will happen.  I never ever do that!!  And sometimes that's a problem.....

If your gauge is off there are a couple of solutions.  One is to change needle sizes.  The other is to change yarn sizes.  The solution to my problem is to either go down a needle size or get smaller yarn.  I'm already working on size 1 needles and have aching hands to show for it so going down is not going to happen.  (Yes, there is a size 0)  The other option is to go down a yarn size.  Worsted weight yarn has a 4 on the label.  (Go look the next time you see some yarn!)  I need yarn with a 3.  Which is not a problem, except that I have a five+ hour car ride tomorrow and won't be getting it before then.  Oh well.  Patience is a virtue, right?


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