December 24, 2010

Scarf and Flower--EASY!

A friend of mine showed me the gift she'd made for her son's teacher.  It was a fleece scarf as seen here.  Short version:  Buy fleece.  Cut two pieces to the width you want your scarf.  Sew the two together at the ends to make one REALLY long scarf.  Then, sew straight down the middle scrunching it up as you go.  Sara also made some really cute flower pins to put on her's too.  (Maybe if we all ask really nicely, she'll post a picture in the comments.  I don't even know if that's possible....)

See!  Cute.  And I can't even sew.
So, I made some scarves too.  And they are really really cute.  And as easy as that tutorial promises.  Plus, I made The Big One and The Medium One scarves out of the leftovers.  There was about a two inch strip left that I cut in half.  The Big  One let me scrunch hers.  Woohoo!  More scrunching!

 Then, I decided I needed more flowers.  But I would need their scarves back for, a bribe:  I promised I would take them to the fabric store and let them pick their own colors if I could have their scarves back.  Yep, it worked.

So when I started messing around trying to make a rolled rose I came across something that worked beautifully.  Remember that I scrunched The Big One's scarf??  Well, here's what I did....It was roughly two inches wide.  I folded it in half along the seam and glued it together.  Then, I rolled and glued until it was as fat as I wanted.  I cut off the excess and glued a portion to the bottom to secure it.  Viola!  Ruffley Rose!

Folded in half and glued the end together to make it easier to roll.
As you roll and glue try to keep the bottom even.  
Cut off the excess leaving a tail long enough to cover the spiral.  Glue the tail over the back of the flower.

Ruffley Rose!  I added a pin too.
I tried doing a regular rose with a straight piece of fleece, but it came out really flat and squished looking.  I did take a narrow strip and roll it straight with no rolling.  It came out cute, but would take a very long length to make a very big flower.

To add the pins I simply hand sewed hot glued a pin to the back.  I put glue along the top and bottom to make sure it was secure.  Then I glued a piece of felt over the center to hold it together a bit more.  I found that tracing the bottom of a fabric paint lid worked for this little circle of felt.  You'd be surprised how big most "little" bottles are!  I had a time finding something the right size for this pin.  Also, I placed the pin near the "top" of the flower.  That way, when it's pinned on, the top won't droop.

So there we are.  Easy fleece scarves and flowers from the great state of Texas where it was 80 degrees earlier this week!!


  1. I'm going to have to look at this post again. I'm making Sister Blessing a fleece hat, but want to add a feminine touch to it.

  2. For a hat for her, I'd start with maybe a two inch wide strip. I can show you one of mine in person next time I see you if you want. It's really pretty easy!!