December 9, 2010

What's been up

The middle one and I had a fun afternoon yesterday.  Well, I had fun.  I kinda hogged all the 'doing' so I think she got bored.  First, we made an ornament.  I've had a box of craft ornaments lying around forever.  I saw a really cute ornament here the other day....wait....that's not where I saw it.  Oh well, her blog is really great.  Lots of good ideas so go visit anyway.

Let's start over....somewhere over the internet, I saw a cute Christmas ornament that I thought would be fun for the kids *ahem, me* to make.  First, we had to find two berries and some twigs. The middle one was a big help for that.  Then we needed a triangular shaped piece of orange paper and a scrap of fabric.  I also dug out a pipe cleaner and shaped it just so.  We put all of that into the ornament and put the top back on.  TA DA....A genuine Texas Snowman!! I added some sparkley paint around the top just for the heck of it.   Cute idea, right!
(Honestly, it just looks purple to me.  I promise he has eyes, a nose, arms and ear muffs though)

The other thing we did was to mix up some Hot Cinnamon Milk Mix.  Now, the middle one can't have milk so having her help without tasting it was a little tricky.  I found this recipe somewhere over the internet too.  If I remember where I'll post it!  We mixed together powdered milk, french vanilla coffee creamer, sugar and cinnamon.  Then we put it into a quart sized glass jar.  And left it there since the middle one can't drink it anyway.  I added some to my coffee and it's pretty good.

WAIT!!!!!!!!  Here it is!  Hot Cinnamon Milk Mix  at Craftaholics Anonymous.  Go figure I'd find a blog by that name.

One other fun thing happened yesterday.  We got a box of Christmas presents from the UPS man.  One of the things in the box just might be the best thing ever...

It cuts.  It slices.  It unscrews.  But how do I get it out of that package?!?!?!?

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