December 10, 2010

Two Things.....

There are two things I don't really like when knitting or crocheting and I ran in to both of them last night.

I found that The Dainty Daisy was having a stitch along and making a convertible cowl that I had already decided I needed (wanted) to make.  Woohoo!  So I found the biggest hook I had, a partial skein of yarn that was laying on a shelf and got to work.  The actual stitch along hasn't started yet, so I was jumping the gun anyway.  

One of the things that you see in patterns for circular items (gloves, hats, cowls, socks...) is "...being careful not to twist".  You see, if you twist the first row, you're going to have a twist in the  whole darn garment.  Now, for a cowl this would work.  It's not what the original pattern has in it, but it would still be wearable.  Not so much a twisted mitten or sock!  But I never twist my knitted stuff.  Ever.  Ever.  Ever.  So I didn't think too much about it, did my best and went on.

It's twisted.  Aw, dang.  Oh well, I thought.  I can keep going.  It'll just be a moebius shape.

That's when I ran in to problem #2.  Remember I said I found part of a skein??  Well I was on round six of 23 and this is all I have left of the yarn....

Problem #2:  Not having enough yarn to finish what you started.

So I'll just call this a practice run, rip it all out, wind it into a pretty ball (I really like winding balls of yarn.  I can't explain it.), and try again with another partial skein!  Haha!  Just kidding.

Mom, do you have any more of this yarn that I stole from you?!?!?

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