January 22, 2011

Small Flower, Mild Rant On The Side

Ok, so I'm making a top-secret baby thing.  (I'll tell you about it as soon as it's embellished.  It's not like the baby reads the blog.)  And the said "thing" needs a  flower.  So I decided to try Zoom Yummy's crochet swirl.  It's only four rows and looks pretty easy.

Easy Flower!
But I am using bulky Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.  On a baby thing.  43 stitches on the base chain will make a flower far too large for my needs.  I decided to use 20 stitches on the base chain with a size K hook.  And since I'm out of the Homespun I used on the "thing" I had to use a brand new skein of yarn in a different color.  Now, tell me, please, someone....is there a way to get the end of the yarn out of the skein without this happening???

Yarn Barf

That is just ridiculous!  And the little flower that should have taken me less than 30 minutes to finish (maybe even 15 minutes) took forever because I kept having to untangle that mess of yarn barf.  GRRRR!  It's just infuriating.  Or really annoying.  Or a minor inconvenience in this crazy world we live in.  But I really really really don't like it!

Once upon a time, long long ago, I reached into a lovely skein of brand new yarn and grabbed the end and pulled it out very neatly.  One time that's happened.  And I knew it would never happen again.  Ahh, memories.

So tell me, is there a secret to this that I just don't know??  Seriously, someone tell me there is a way to do this without the mess!!

An interesting side note (because the previous side note wasn't side note enough).....Check out this price tag......

This yarn was on clearance at Wal-Mart in 1999!  Glad it's finally found a small use.  Since the "thing" is made from the same brand and type of yarn, but is a newer model it's interesting to compare the two.  The old stuff was stiffer and coarser.  Not nearly as soft.  I think it may be wrapped a little more tightly too.  It seems nubbier.

Pictures of said "thing" to come!

The End!


  1. I have found that one end that you pull usually continues to get stuck like yours did and the other end unravels well. Try the end that is on the outside. You may also need to pull off the paper to make it come off smoothly.

  2. Once upon a time "pull skeins" were just that-you pulled the end from the center and it came out neatly. Now, except on rare occasions when the end is visible, I stick my finger in the middle and pull out the center of the skein, search for the end and go from there. If I use the center end piece I've never had it tangle. It is annoying though!!