January 12, 2011

This might be helpful

Here's a picture of the previously mentioned hat amidst some of the yarn choices I have.  I have noticed two things about this hat:

1.  It needs pink yarn.  I don't have any pink.  Can you believe that?!?!  And I'm not sure I've ever ever bought any.  How strange is that.


2.  This hat is really really small.  When The Medium One was in the NICU, there was some discussion about how big her head was.  It was roughly the size of a baseball.  Is a regular newborn head the size of a softball??  The doctors kept referencing the size of fruit...Is it the size of a grapefruit?  A cumquat?  An orange??  I don't work that way.  I tend to avoid fruit.  And as a PE teacher, I had many an opportunity to play with all manner of balls.  And that mindset worked a lot better for me.  So if you have a newborn, what size ball is their head??

And there you have it.  (Wow, total tangent.)
From the top:  Country blue, teal, dark red, green, light blue, beige

1 comment:

  1. Dark red or green. They both look soooo good with it!