January 10, 2011

What Color?

I had some super soft coral yarn left over from my Coral Lace Scarf.  I turned it into a wee tiny hat for my forthcoming niece, Jadie (not her actual name...yet.  I'm pushing for it though!).

I made another from the same yarn.  But it still needs a flower.  What do you think...purple again?  Light blue, dark blue, teal and dark red are also options.  (Read: colors I already own) I may have enough of the coral left to do a tone-on-tone flower.  Maybe.  Please share your thoughts.  I'm stumped.  Or I just don't feel like making a decision so I'm pawning it off on you.


  1. My vote is for teal. I think it would be a nice pop of color.

  2. Teal would be nice, but so would the dark red.