February 10, 2011

Pot Holders

Prudent Baby had a contest to win one of two sewing machines.  It was a pot holder contest.  There are several tutorials on their site for making them.  If you know what you're doing, it's pretty easy!!  The pot holders are listed under the "Nap Time" tutorials because they don't take long to complete.  Unless you're me.  My sewing machine likes to freak out and not run every so often.  Pot Holder day was one of those days.  What should have taken an hour or so took more than a day!  But that's life sometimes.

So here's my entry:
Pot Holder

French Press Cozy

I needed a cozy for my french press and I thought to myself recently "Too bad that pot holder isn't bigger.  It would be perfect.".  *Eureka moment*  To make it, I cut the pot holder 16 inches long and 6 or 7 inches wide.  I cut the filling into two squares so it would fold more easily.  The squares are not even.  One is a bit bigger to make what looks like a pocket pot holder.  Then, I put it together following the Prudent Baby instructions, but I made sure to put two loops on it so the buttons would have something to hook to.

The actual item is much brighter than these pictures look on my monitor.  So in your imagination make that pink a whole lot pinker.  And since you're imagining, go ahead and tone down those yellow buttons a bit.  There you go.  That looks better.  

Winners of the contest will be announced on Monday.

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