May 7, 2011

Knitting Frenzy

I thought about titling this post "Knitting On Steroids"  or "Knittin' On The Juice".  You see, for the past month I've been dealing with my first ever case of poison ivy.  I've had friends and a brother with poison ivy in the past and always thought "It's just poison ivy.  Suck it up already!".  But let me tell you poison ivy SUCKS!  It is awful!  And I feel bad for ever thinking otherwise.  My new opinion is that sufferers should be sedated until the nasty itchy burning rash has run its course.

After a week and half of misery, I finally went to a doctor.  She gave me prednisone.  A steroid.  I have had steroid shots before during pregnancy.  The last time I didn't sleep for two straight days.  I thought that might be the case this time as well and it was.  I was able to control the sleeping problem with Benadryl, but I could not control the knitting problem.

Knitting became a maniacal obsession.  My internet browser frequently, repeatedly and sometimes against my will wandered off to Ravelry.  My Ravelry que grew by leaps and bounds.  I finished two shawlettes and planned four more projects.  (Two (or maybe more) Citron, two hats and a pair of mittens if you were wondering.)  I knit and purled as fast as I could, as much as I could.  I thought about knitting non-stop.  I searched online for more knitting.  I found yarn on sale and managed to leave the store with only a reasonable amount. INSANE KNITTING CRAZINESS!  And I knew my mind was going nuts.  And I knew it was the medicine.  And I knew there was nothing I could do about it.

Now that I have finished all of the medication (and the poison ivy seems to be returning GRR) and my brain has returned to a more mellow state, I kind of wish for a little more of the frenzy.  After all, I'd really like a Citron.  Right now.  But in my non-maniacal state it's going to take a little longer.


  1. You are too funny! You should have used all that frenzy to make things to stock up your store...which is still empty!

  2. I KNOW! I have stuff made, I just need to list it. I should have used all that frenzy to organize my house. Next time I have to take steroids, I'll have to make a super to-do list.