May 8, 2011


Little Shells

I saw this shawlette pattern a long long time ago and really liked it, but the pattern wasn't available yet.  I came across it two weeks ago on one of my Ravelry binges.  So, of course, I had to cast on and get it made immediately!  I made this out of Eucool.  Wool & eucalyptus yarn.  It has an odd feel to it.  Almost spongy.  I liked knitting it, but blocking it was not fun.  I may not have done it right.  I soaked the thing in water, then stretched it out and pinned it to dry.  But it did not stretch out like I thought it would.  It is much smaller than the pattern specifies.  I think I knit tighter than I thought!  Is there a cure??  Is there a different way to block it??  Anyone know??

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