May 10, 2011


This is Little Shells number 2.  I made this one from Naturally Caron Spa yarn.  It's a DK weight acrylic & bamboo blend.  The most common complaint with this yarn is that it's splitty.  i.e. It's really easy to stick your needle through the yarn and end up with two stitches without meaning to.  But, knowing that it isn't wound very tightly and easy to split, I kept an eye out for that and had no problems.  It is very soft and has just a bit of shine to it.  I let The Big One pick the color and she chose Berry Frappe.  It's a silvery purple in real life.  

To block this one, I stretched it out, pinned it down and sprayed it with water.  Then, I undid the pins and moved the out further.  Then, I undid it again and moved it some more.  Then, I sprayed it with more water and unpinned it and moved it some more.  Then, I realized I was going to drive myself nuts re-pinning the stinking thing and at some point would just have to leave it alone.  I let it dry overnight and took it off the next morning.  It looks great.  It still isn't as big as the pattern says it should be, but it's closer.  I must knit really tightly.  Or I'm too lenient with my blocking.  (haha, that makes me think of my former football coach father.  I can just see him jumping around yelling about my blocking.  HAHAHA!)

This shawlette is destined for the mail.  It's wrapped up and ready to go.  I hope the recipient likes it and can use it.  I'm afraid it might be too small.  We shall see.

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