October 17, 2011

Testing. Is This Thing On?

Dear Jocelyn,
I checked out my comments settings and took the word verification doo-hickey off.  You might be able to leave a comment now.  Will you try it for me and let me know what you find?  Thanks!

Everyone else, please try the comments section and let me know if it works for you.  I will moderate them so they won't just pop right up.  But I will check back soon and put them up.  Thanks!!


  1. Here goes! Hopefully this will work. I hate for you to take your spam stopper off though. That didn't stop me from leaving comments in the past. It was great seeing you, even if it was for a too short period of time. Thanks for making the drive out to east TX.

  2. It worked! woohoo!! I'll turn it back on if I get too much spam. It was great to see you too. We'll have to get together again soon!!!