October 3, 2011

Well, hello there.

Hi!  So it's been a while.  Here's the thing:  school started and I started school.  Yeah, that's two things.  School started and I began teaching at a preschool.  It's a great gig, but there's the planning and prep, etc.  It's work.  (duh)  At the same time, I started college classes....again.  I've decided to go back to school to become an ultrasound tech and I have to take 21 hours of prerequisites.  This semester I am taking ten.  Right this minute I don't know what I was thinking!!  :)  

So that's where I've been.  School.  And school.  I haven't gotten to do anything more crafty than Pinterest for a whole month.  There's a baby girl percolating in California whose blankie isn't going to crochet itself.  Lucky for me she isn't due until Valentine's Day and it will be a few months after that before she'll learn to talk and be able to complain about it.  

One final this weekend and four chapters of anatomy to go....until the second half of anatomy starts, that is.

See you soon!

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