October 4, 2011

A Hairy Situation

When in doubt, just cut it all off!

I've been planning to grow my hair out and cut it off to donate to Locks Of Love for a while now.  I nearly cut it this summer, but my plan was for a much longer bob.  As time went on, my plan became one of shorter and shorter coiffure.  I've spent two weeks obsessively researching pixie cuts.  Different shapes, lengths, styles, styling tips.....I made the appointment, over thought it, got nervous and nearly chickened out.  I'm so glad I didn't.  I love it!


Here we go.....

See, Emma, he cut it all off!

 Fun Things To Do With (no) Hair

Brush is all forward and to a point.  Eat your heart out, Justin Beiber.
(I don't think this picture looks like me.  I'm sure it does.  But I don't see it.)

Stand it all up on end.  (There was enough styling product in my hair to simply brush it up into this.  And then right back down again.  Remarkable! ) FUN!!  I can't wait for an excuse to actually wear my hair this way in public.

Add a head band and look adorable.  This is one of the headbands I made a while ago.  Directions here.  

The day's photographer.  I think she did a pretty great job!  She even took this (and several other) picture of herself.

A Note About Locks of Love:

In researching the organization I came across a few blogs complaining because the organization isn't what the bloggers assumed it was.  Locks of Love does not give out free wigs to kids in need.  They do, however, provide the prosthetic pieces at a reduced rate.  Wigs are super expensive.  Locks of Love custom makes each wig to fit a mold of the child's head.  The kids can even swim in them!!  These things are serious business.  Imagine implanting the individual hairs into the piece....  It's a process and a half, I'm sure!  Other blogs lamented the fact that Locks of Love sells donated hair and makes a profit from it.  They can only use certain lengths and colors of hair to make wigs for kids.  But they can sell anything they can't use and off-set the cost of manufacturing.    

Bottom line for me:  Locks Of Love provides a great service to families in need.  (At least, from everything I can tell.)  I have no need of the 8 inch pony tail currently sitting on a shelf in my living room.  They can have it.  And if they sell it and get enough money to buy coffee for the office, so be it.  

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