January 8, 2012

Are you smarter than a Wonder Knitter??

The Medium One got one of these little Wonder Knitters for Christmas.....

It is an easy way to make an i-cord.  The pink disk makes a skinny cord (it's three pronged) and the yellow disk makes a less-skinny cord (six pronged, but still, it's pretty skinny).  

Here's the thing:  The directions do not include anything about how to change the disks.  Do they stack up?  Is there a button to push?  Do I use the green thing to pop 'em off???  Come on, Clover!  You know better than this.  Include everything in the directions because people like me will want to know.

So here ya go.....To change the disks, grab the bumpy edge of whichever disk is attached and gently tug it free.  Don't worry, it shouldn't break.  (Although I do not have Clover's word for that.  Don't blame me if you break yours!)  The other disk just snaps on.  Easy as pie, but it would have been nice to know that while I stressed out about breaking the thing.

Happy Cording!

Stay tuned.......I have a nifty little Wonder Knitter craft to share with you tomorrow!

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