January 10, 2012

Wonder Knit Headband

So you heard about the Wonder Knitter my daughter got for Christmas?  It's a great little gadget. I managed to make about five feet of i-cord in roughly 1/3 of an episode of White Collar.  Do you know how many hours it would take me to knit an i-cord that long???  Forever and day because I DON'T DO I-CORDS.  I hate them.  Hate them enough to avoid projects that use them or change up the project to avoid them.

(Ok, Ok, I hear you...."What's an i-cord??"  An i-cord is a knitted (usually) length of yarn that can be used for things like purse straps.  Round-ish shoe strings and nylon rope or cording for crafts usually look the same as an i-cord.  Generally speaking, you cast on a few stitches on a double point, knit them, slide them to the other end and continue knitting for eons and eons and eons until you have a really long piece of string that's fancier than just using a string.  There's also applied i-cord, but we are not going to talk about that.)

So, we she got this gizmo for Christmas.  I googled and Raveled projects for this thingy, but didn't find much that I really liked.  But why let that stop me?

I made this

...and you can make one too!  Using worsted weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft that I have leftover from a baby sweater I made years ago) and the pink disk, make 4-5 feet of cording.  Then, using the knot instructions found here tie a nautical knot.  You will need to back the knot with something to stabilize it.  I used a scrap of (purple of all things) felt and hot glue.  You'll also notice strings hanging from the ends.  Knot and tie those off, then cut 'em.

I made a second head band with two knots.  I just made a longer cord and tied the second knot near the first by placing the first knot on the right when I started the second.  Wow, that makes a ton of sense.  Let's see......I put it on the tail end of the rope with the first loop above it when I made the other knot.  That's better.  Clear as mud now??

When you make one (HA!  One?!?!  Yeah Right.  I'm betting you'll make four.) I want to see it!  Post a pic in the comments.  (Is that even possible?)

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