February 2, 2011


It's icy here in Texas.  We've had snow days for the past two days and another one tomorrow.  Might as well go ahead and call Friday off too.  Best Super Bowl weekend ever!!  :)

So what knit/crochet/craft projects have I gotten done with all this free time?!?!  Um...nada.  I haven't touched a hook or a needle.  So sad.  Oh wait, WAIT!  I did do something.  I started making a pot holder for the Prudent Baby Pot Holder Contest.  It took me more than an hour to cut four pieces of fabric.  Complicated cuts, they were.  You know...rectangles!  I started sewing on them and promptly jacked up my machine (that's a technical term).  After an hour or two of messing with it, we finally got it working again.  Stitches were ripped out, more stitches were put in.....This was supposed to be a "nap time project".  It took more than a day, and the help of my mama to get it done.  (My mom came to visit on Sunday and got trapped here by the ice.  YAY!  She made it home today though.  Safe and sound.)  It's all finished now.  I just have to photograph it.  In the ice.  That ought to be fun.

I've also been busy looking for mitten patterns on Ravelry.  I know what I want, I just can't find it and I don't think I can wing it this time.  I have some Naturally Caron Country yarn in Spruce that I made a bean pole beanie from.  (I tried linking the pattern.  Can't find it other than on Ravelry.  Odd.)
Favorite Hat.  Least Favorite Picture
It's my favorite hat and I wear it from November to March whether it's cold enough or not.  The yarn that I have to match the hat is a worsted weight yarn that supposedly knits up like a DK weight yarn.  The mittens I like are made from bulky weight yarn.  Such a dilemma.  I don't have enough left to double strand them or I would.

And I need to finish the top secret project that I've been...well, I haven't been working on it or it'd be done by now!  I also need to get to work on the other little thing that's going with the top secret project.  I'm going to totally wing a crochet project.  Wish me luck!

Other than thinking about knitting and playing on the internet, I've spent my snow days eating.  We sent the husband out for junk food to supply us through the storm on Monday night before it got bad.  Regretfully, I'm nearly out of potato chips.  I've made meatloaf sauce and potatoes, nutella hot chocolate, roasted chicken, pancakes, breakfast casserole...and that's not the half of what I've wanted to make.  Lucky for my pants I don't have the stuff to make macaroni and cheese, pizza, tuna noodle casserole, sausage balls, chocolate chip cookies, brownies or pop-tarts!

We took the kids ice skating this afternoon.  In the driveway!  They fell a good bit, but it was fun.  The Big One wanted to go back out, but it's just too cold.  And I skated down the front walk to get the mail.  That was tons of fun!  There's just a slight slope to the icy walk so I could kind of jump-slide down the walk.  Yesterday, we used the front walk to luge.  We used a cardboard box and a stick.  The kids sat, grabbed the stick and we dragged them down the sidewalk.  That's pretty fun too!!

Tomorrow, maybe I'll craft something without breaking my sewing machine (i.e. I'll construct something manually using sticks and string the way God intended it!).

Happy Snow Day(s)!


  1. I was wondering if you were going to enter the contest. I sent in pictures of two that I made today. I have never sewn with bias tape before. The second one I ended up ripping it all off and doing it differently. Maybe we'll each win one! Also, when are you going to add more to your shop? Stop making gifts and make stuff to make money! ;)

  2. I made my mom do the bias tape. If I win one, I'll probably just give it to her since she actually knows how to sew. I have at least two more hats that I've photographed. I just need to list them!! And I have a ton of yarn to make more. I just don't have a lot of working time. Know what I mean?!?

  3. I haven't gotten any sewing done either.

  4. Yes, I definitely know what you mean. I am currently working on making a logo for my shop and then will rework all of my packaging etc. So, I have laid (sp?) low with listing items so I can have time to get it done. I am making good progress. I am currently on the search for a company to put my logo on ribbon for a super price.