February 7, 2011

Eek, A Monster!

I am done with the super secret baby project.  It isn't in the mail yet, but I will show it to you anyway.  I am getting a new niece in about a month.  So I made her a sweater with a matching hat.  I did not truly follow a pattern for either one.  I think I can tell you just exactly how I "winged" both of them later on.  I made a small flower to put on the sweater.  I ended up not using the green one.  It was a just too big.
Oh no!  Sideways again!

The hat is crocheted.  It has a fairly open weave to it.  I followed part of a  Lion Brand Pattern for it.  The sweater is knit.  It has a single button closure.  Short raglan sleeves, fat yarn, big needles--quick knit!  I love this sweater!  Both are made from some leftover Lion Brand Homespun.  

I also made a MONSTER!  He's crocheted and I did not follow any semblance of a pattern for him.  What do you think??  Little niece girl has a big brother so I figured he needed a present too.  Making this little guy was totally fun.  It's kind of like drawing a picture (I guess.  I can't draw.).  I started with nothing and just kept deciding what to add and how to make it.  Now I want to make a little girl monster!

Side note:  How do I rotate a picture in blogger??  Can it be done?

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  1. You totally need to make these monsters and the other items for your shop! Especially if they are somewhat easy. Very cute!