October 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Pickle

I need baking help!  The Big One love love LOVES all things pumpkin.  Specifically, pie.  She even likes it without whipped cream.  (I totally thought she just liked the topping.  Until I gave her pumpkin cream cheese.  She gobbled it up!)  Problem:  The Medium One and The Little One have issues with dairy.  In that they are allergic to it.  Throw-up-in-your-sleep allergic.  I've come across lots of recipes I'd like to try, but they all include cream cheese and/or evaporated milk.  I haven't yet come up with a good substitution for either of those that doesn't involve the words "Tofutti".  (ew!)  Any suggestions??  I'm thinking of making this...

Maybe not your typical World Series snack, but I'm going with it!!!
using coconut milk, but I'm not sure how much to use.  What else can I use?  I've thought of using mayonnaise since it is thick and creamy and non-dairy.  I'm not sure if the 'tangy' flavor would work though.  What are some other options???  

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