December 5, 2011


There's a hole in my slipper, dear Liza, dear Liza.  A hole in my slipper dear Liza, a hole.

Tragedy has befallen my wonderful French Press Slipper.  I am so sad.  And so conflicted.  Should I remake one new slipper or make myself a new pair??  I know, that seems like a dumb question...make a new pair of shoes, duh!  But I really like the color of these and I'm kind of attached to them because they're the first ones I made.  Sentimentality ruins my thinkin' sometimes.  Plus, there's the issue of time, cold weather and color/button choice.  That whole color/button thing takes me an INSANE amount of time.  To quote the American Cinema Classic Girls Just Want To Have Fun   "Decisions are the worst!".  Ok, ok, I'll make a new pair.  Now what color........

If you ever have the inclination to knit yourself some felted slippers DO IT!  They are so warm and cozy.  In fact, my one toe is freezing right now from being exposed in just its big fat sock.  I love my slippers.  Rest in peace, poor right shoe (after I completely wear you out because let's face it, you aren't going to be replaced this week).

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